Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review


Thinking of getting the best home exercise bike that will serve all your exercise needs, one that is able to keep your body fit without having to go to the gym? Then think of the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Bike. This Recumbent bike is very effective in work outs and is used in the comfort of your home. The recumbent bike is also relatively affordable and most of the customers are able to buy the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike. The bike has an adjustable seat which help in setting the best height for each and every user. The adjustable pedals on the recumbent bikes are also very important in ensuring that the recumbent bike can be used by anyone.

LCD Display

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike has LCD display which has real time feedback on all the different activities you are doing, the LCD display is also able to show all the different exercise programs and has a scrolling message center. The LCD display screen also shows you the heart rate, the time, speed and the distance covered when you are doing the exercises. The display also contains the different instructions for the recumbent bike which are very easy to understand. The LCD display has no effect on your eyes and you will always be able to read what is on display

Padded seat

 Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike has a Sculptured seat base and back, the seat is also padded for maximum comfort. There is also an adjustable console and arm rest which are very useful during the whole workout sessions. The seat is wide to accommodate every one and the padding will give the best seating for vigorous and fast workout. You can also relax on the padded seat and watch television or read a magazine due to the comfort that comes with the recumbent padded seat on the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike. The seat is also adjustable to the levels that are convenient for the whole exercise session. The padded seat also offers the best levels of stability such that there are no chances of toppling even when the exercise or work out gets intense.

Features and specifications

  • Mp3 connectivity with an integrated speaker system.
  • Adjustable cooling fan
  • Very quiet and frictionless eddy current braking system
  • Comfortable padded and adjustable seat
  • LCD display
  • Weight of up to 300 pounds
  • Stability enhanced
  • Adjustable pedals
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 20 work out programs


  •  Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bikes are very effective in ensuring that your body is physically fit and in shape, helping you in prevention of diseases which come due to buildup of fat. With the recumbent bike you are able to do many different types of exercises due to the different programs that have been installed in the recumbent bike.
  • The display and console on the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is very effective in giving the right instruction during the exercise period. The LCD display will give details of the speed, the calories burnt, the distance covered and also the heart rate as you continue with the work out.
  • Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bikes come with different levels of   resistance thus making the workouts more challenging. A challenging work out is very productive.

Customer reviews

I just purchased the  Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike and has helped in my recovery from a surgery and I couldn’t be much happier with it. I was also very lucky to have bought it when it was almost 50% off. I go the bike with all the parts and it was in great shape. It took me about 2 hours to fix all the parts and once all the parts are put together it was very clear the bike is of the best quality. It also got challenging exercise which are very effective since am more of an athletic person.

All the great features and specs are true, the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is very comfortable and quiet. It is also very easy on joints and with the wide variety of exercise programs you are able to try a new work out every day. The seat is also adjustable according to your height making the Diamondback 510SR Fitness recumbent bike very adaptive and effective to anyone.

Some of the customers complained problems when assembling the bike and also when adjusting the seat. These problems are well solved by reading the user guide and everything is able to be fixed without complications. We also had a customer complain about delay in the   delivery of a replacement pedal only to realize the pedal had been mailed to the wrong address. The customer got the replacement pedal in less than a week after realizing the initial one had been mailed to the wrong address.


Amazing work outs and exercises with the Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike, get one today and enjoy the many programmed programs and resistance levels. Get the  Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike today.